An artist exploring what it means to be human and how we each make sense of our lives.

After my Growing Older exhibition in 2015 I have felt deeply touched by the heartfelt stories shared. So, following on from this I am exploring what it means to be human and how we make sense of our lives. I dedicate this website to the exploration of being human.

It appears to be the norm for an artist to write web pages in the third person but the nature of my work and exploration does not fit with this approach. So here you will find a website where I speak and reach out directly with you. It is a personal journey as much as an artistic exploration in a more philosophical sense. So this is the most appropriate way in which to connect with you. Human to human.

The website is in effect the skeleton of a life long art project an exploration in action. So each page will fill out with time as I explore each subject. Think of it as a map for now, a map of where I wish to explore.

I shall be contemplating and producing artwork that, I hope, captures the ‘things’ that shape our logic, hearts and minds. How each of us are being human.

The aim is to have some sense of understanding around how we each create meaning from our personal circumstances.

Much of my work will be immersive, participatory and inclusive so keep a watch on my blog for invitations to take part.

Each page attached to this shall be exploring different aspects of our humanity.

This work is an ongoing process so with time there will be a wider picture, a full website with art exploring our meaning making, how this comes to be and how we are in our human lives.

Please join alongside and feel this is a space for reflection perhaps on your own story, may this work inspire something within you.

You will find the project blog here or in the menu above.


If you would like further information regarding the motivation behind this personal art project please feel free to read the following PDF: