I think since asking for participation from others to find a space and voice to express themselves regarding how it has felt to be facing SARS-COV-2 otherwise known as COVID-19, it’s equally fair that I share my own experience. Again like everyone else this is a personally reflective piece and only belongs to me and … Continue reading My Own Lockdown Experience And Covid One Year On

My Own Lockdown Experience And Covid One Year On

I am currently updating this exhibition with peoples stories. There are a lot. When this has finished the page will once again become public. Eventually each image will fin a new home within the current skeleton of my website as I continue to build it. I ask for your patience. All of this will take … Continue reading The Page For ‘The Stories We Tell’ Exhibition Is Temporarily In Draft

The Page For ‘The Stories We Tell’ Exhibition Is Temporarily In Draft

Halloween Themed Excerpt ~ An Introduction To My New Exhibition At The Beginning Of 2021

I have offered an interactive introduction to ‘The Stories We Tell’ exhibition which will launch in January. A special introduction that highlights 16 spooky images specifically for Halloween. Each image holds within it a story, since we each perceive things differently based on our own experience and senses I would like you to tell the … Continue reading Halloween Themed Excerpt ~ An Introduction To My New Exhibition At The Beginning Of 2021


Finally a breakthrough 🤲 After five years of not connecting with music properly something has truly shifted. Music was always a go to within, a place to feel and find voice for the inner world. Since diagnosis of MS in 2015 I had always thought that this loss of interest or connection to music was … Continue reading Music

Am I?

Another wonderful poem by Paul Cannon! Very much exploring similar questions as myself in the form of poetry. This is all Paul's work I just had to share, I hope you enjoy, you will find the weblink below. Am I?

Am I just a shade,
a phantasmic abstraction
beyond punctuated reality,
projected on cracked walls,
incorporeal spaces ever shifting
as rising … Continue reading Am I?

Our Map?

There has been so much that has occurred since the end of last year that has deeply and profoundly affected my heart and being. I don’t want to get into detail for now but it has me thinking about our lives and when we are no longer here. Where is the evidence of our story? … Continue reading Our Map?


I often reflect on the moment in Alice in Wonderland when the caterpillar asks 'who are you?'  It is such a big question. Her reply is "well I'm not sure, I'm not myself you see, I'm not the same person I was when I woke up this morning!" and " How puzzling all these changes are! … Continue reading Identity


~by Danna Faulds ~ There is no controlling life. Try corralling a lightning bolt or containing a tornado. Dam a stream and it will create a new channel. Resist, and the tide will sweep you off your feet. Allow, and grace will carry you to higher ground. The only safety lies in letting it all … Continue reading Allow


Finally today I begun my chemotherapy treatment. It has been a long time in the waiting, many hurdles none of my own making however the day has been and gone the first two pills taken. I have not been one for medicines as previously mentioned but I just have to believe this will make a … Continue reading D-day

Here and Now

Loch Ness you deliver time and again, a genuinely special space. So I have had the wonderful gift of amazing profound teachings this weekend on retreat. Made deep connections with people (both here and elsewhere) Spent time contemplating and learning what this human life is and a framework from which to take forward exploration. Offerings … Continue reading Here and Now

Seeds Planted

From seeds once planted So much has happened, so much experienced and processed. Life has a wonderful way of occurring regardless. I'm forever writing and rewriting this blog post and yet not publishing it. I have been in and out of heart and thought, everything keeps shifting, changing and I'm forever doing my level best … Continue reading Seeds Planted

Growing Older Solo Art Exhibition October 2015

As part of Luminate Scotland's Creative Ageing Festival I hosted an Exibition of my work on Growing Older in the Stove Dumfries. The exhibition was a huge success with thousands of people participating across the globe. My work can be found in the Growing Older section of this website. Some behind the scenes images: Thank … Continue reading Growing Older Solo Art Exhibition October 2015