Some behind the scenes work. Using my wheelchair past couple of days to help manage the fatigue caused by intermittent medication whilst I await news of my longer term treatment (the saga that seems endlessly in the hands of NHS finance, however I shall know for sure by tomorrow) I have to say the chair to date proved to be the most comfortable positioning for painting. Lots of adjustments of late and finding my way in making things easier on my body, I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to work on this project, it helps me as much as it seems (I am learning) that it is helping others to also find ways in which to express themselves. From poets, colourers and shaders, from non creatives to newly creatives, I am truly in awe.

This piece taking its time slowly but coming along shade by shade, still no idea what to do with her face but I play around with tone, the shading and positioning isn’t in any way hinting at how she will look in the end. At the moment she is askew and non defined just a blur of tonal contrast experimentation. I find this uncertainty of defining a face in many of my paintings, I’m sure it implies plenty! But I shall leave that to the imagination of the onlooker.


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