Free Live Exhibition

Visit to view the artwork.

After request I shall release a Part 2 of the exhibition on September 30th. You will find this release on the same link above.

2 thoughts on “Art Exhibition Now Live – Being Human In Lockdown 2020

  1. This was wonderful, Stacie. Very touching and your beautiful artwork truly brought the quotes to life. I can’t say that I read all of them, as I was in tears about half way through, though I did browse each of your works while sniffling, through the blur of my tears. At the end I thought, “This is so beautiful.” Then I thought, “How can I see this as beautiful as it all comes from such a tragedy?” After a few minutes, I thought, “It’s beautiful because it’s so human.” At that moment I looked down and the title was there looking at me. I smiled. Yes, you truly expressed “Being Human…In Lockdown 2020.” ❤️❤️

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