On the back of the Being Human In Lockdown 2020 exhibition and Six Months On I have been conversing with many. It is becoming clear that people are feeling a real emotional fatigue and experiencing increasing fear as the pandemic continues on. The theme of escaping into some sort of fantasy place has been arising, people (including myself) are finding themselves returning to fairytales, myth and the mystical. Be it on film, tv, study or in books. I too have been on an inward explorative journey slowing down, sitting in a sense of softness, listening into the silence. Connecting deeply with both ancestral roots and some sense of a primordial wisdom/ energy. All of this began to inspire a collection of creative works based around story telling.

The exhibition will be released for viewing online for a time, beginning in January. Eventually each piece will integrate into the wider themes of my website.

Unfortunately this past year has been a time of loss, two core family members have passed away (not Covid related) so I have been processing this quietly behind the scenes. Death has thrown up many questions, as I’m sure it has for so many people across the world this year. It is the unspoken awareness for so many right now. All sorts of feelings and behaviours have arisen in each of us in response. Globally we are having a collective moment of shared awareness of our human vulnerability, something that is touching each of us (regardless of how it is internalised and manifested personally). I have never known such a moment.

The exhibition will focus on this collective moment emotionally. The wishes for escape, magic, safety or reassurance and will be portrayed through story telling in the form of imagery.

It has been a wonderful and deep collection to create and pull together, I am still manifesting new work daily. I hope to bring a somewhat of distraction and ease even if only for a moment midst the chaos in this last stretch towards the suppression of the pandemic. Something small just to help see us through. I will update you when I have a date.

A New Exhibition Coming Soon

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