I know this year is very different for most of us so I just wanted to reach out and make connection with all of you. For some this will be a welcome rest or an opportunity to have a different day, for others it may be very lonely, heartbreaking or worrying. Regardless how it feels for you I want to say you are not alone. We have been so closely connected this year in ways I have never known in my lifetime, a lot of positives have arisen and equally there has been much loss, worry and confusion. We are in this together, if you know of a neighbour who may be alone or in different circumstances that usual I invite you to reach out with a small parcel (safely) or a card just to say “we are thinking of you, you are not alone”. Make someone’s heart smile today and as often as you can until we are through this pandemic.

Much love and light

Stacie ❤️⭐️🕯

Merry Christmas/ Holiday Season

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