So it is the eve of the release of ‘The Stories We Tell’ exhibition which is the biggest release of my works to date. I appear to be having an inner meltdown. Questioning who the heck am I? There are incredible artists well beyond my ability (so, so many). Imposter syndrome has set in and I am in freeze mode. Mind uncertain. Can I deliver? Can I achieve the point that is aimed for in this one?

I really don’t know.

I know that this is the inner landscape of many an artists thoughts and emotions. Really I am still just beginning, finding my creative voice. Not even ‘my’ way or voice but connecting with the intrinsic energy that seems to flow through this entity that I call ‘me’. I’ve read many a story of this inner dance but for the first time feeling it raw in my gut. I feel I’m teetering on the edge.

I’m not sure if I can pull it off in the way that I hope to but if I don’t try I won’t learn or grow so I just have to take the leap. Let’s see…..

The Eve

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  1. Hi! I looked through your exhibition using the link you provided. I just wanted to say that, as a fellow artist, I feel proud that you’ve made something so beautiful and relevant to the times. I absolutely love that it is based on people and their struggles. I love that you focused on individuals. Everything about this project is eloquent and amazing, just brilliant.

    Absolutely wonderful job!

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