Having a little hiatus for health reasons, I’m good just recuperating from medicines that didn’t quite work for my body very well. There’s much coming up beginning in a month. Firstly I will be putting a call out for my ‘Being Human In Lockdown’ exhibition to see where people are at a year on. This should bring the year full circle and I’m hoping people feel able to contribute as I’m aware it is pretty exhausting right now so this will be handled with great care and sensitivity. I will follow on taking specific elements from ‘The Stories We Tell’ exhibition and blogging a little more in depth around these and expanding on some of this work more specifically and exploring more deeply. This has been such a chaotic, rollercoaster of a year and much of our humanity is captured in all exhibitions. It is now time to shift from the sharing to the in depth analysis of all that has arisen and I’m looking forward to this in a cathartic way, again all of the above considered, explored and handled very sensitively for these are peoples lives and reflections and poignantly personal.

Soon to follow I will begin decanting artwork into the various skeleton layers of my overall website to begin building this up hopefully creating more of an picture as to the point and focus of the creative energy that has gone into my artwork in general.

Hopefully after much planning and preparing I will begin to upload my official podcast discussing much of the above with others (not yet approached or decided and very much based on our general humanity and curiosity around that) I’m no celebrity and have no intention to be so but just talking helps us release some of the myths, stigma and experiences that we all share. Further honing in in the point of why I’m creating the pieces I do and what the general hope is in sharing.

I shall continue to build on skills as I’m still learning so you will see my art journaling page which is a very personal expression and exploration, just an opportunity to share that we all start somewhere and have fun with learning new techniques and sense making. I think it’s only fair that since I’m asking others to share themselves and their stories that I share my own journey. This second blog is listed in the menu and only in the beginning stages. I can’t tell you how honoured I am to be receiving messages and suggestions around this and the site in general. Very humbled and grateful.

A few other things in the world later in the year but I think these are pretty big milestones and enough to mention for the moment.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty worn out with this year, adversity is all too familiar and this year has taken the biscuit! I’m sure we are all feeling some level of anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm. I’m hoping that we reach some sort of shore soon where we can catch ourselves and actually deeply let go of the emotional back-package that has accumulated. Release the shock, grief and pent up emotion that many of us have been navigating. I hope that you are safe and we shall connect again very soon 🙏

Kindest wishes

Stacie 💗

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