Call out for previous and new participants for an upcoming exhibition, the last in a series. All that is required is a quote about how you are feeling in lockdown one year on and submission of a selfie which will be digitally altered to maintain your confidentiality. Please take a look on the link above in profile for further information. All submissions will be kept confidential unless expressly stated otherwise.

On the back of the Being Human In 2020 exhibition and Six Months On I have chosen to do one more piece of the set ‘One Year On’

I am inviting past participants and a fe new participants to take part. This moment in time is feeling particularly difficult for most in general and this will be another opportunity for people to share their voice about what is going on for them personally.

This pandemic has lasted far longer that most anticipated and I think it is fair to say most (including myself) are really feeling the pinch. Particularly those whom have been sheilding for such a long time, not spending time with the people they love, feeling distant from people they once felt close to, people grieving their lost ones. as well as contrived across the world still not having access to stable amounts of vaccine to really curb this thing that has invaded our daily lives so intensely. May this exhibition bring an extended expression of all that is held within for the world right now. The exhibition hosts quotes and artistically altered creative selfies to match from people spanning the globe. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, the process has begun and further light is coming. For now here will be another collection of experiences to relate with and to. You are not alone.

Call Out For Global Participants

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