Having listened to many people’s need for a sense of escapism into fantasy, just for a moment, away from this pandemic I have pulled together a set of 130 storytelling pieces.

What has become apparent over time has been how each of our personal interactions with and perceptions of our world are unique to us. Our stories and our histories, all that shapes who we find ourselves to be today. It is from this perspective that I have approached the exhibition.

Each piece tells its own story but I realised that my notion of that is just mine so who am I to tell you what the story is. The aim of this exhibition is to offer a moment away from the external felt chaos during the pandemic to truly listen to our own hearts. What stories are within each of us? What stories are we telling ourselves? What made us see the story in each image? Noticing our own perceptions and curiously wondering how this may have come to be.

Essentially taking the time to stop and really listen to ourselves.

There are 9 themed collections headed with a letter that are designed to interrupt, disturb, elicit response, emotion and effect. These are more provocative images. These themes will become featured series’ in the near future but for now a brief introduction. I shall leave you to find your own story within them for the moment. These will go on to be more deeply explored through blogs and eventually a podcast I’ve been working on.

Generally I offer the visual experience and would like to hear from you the story that you see. Either message me here, comment below or alternatively find me on Instagram @stacieameliaarts and let me know via Direct Message both the number of the image and the story you see. I will later add your story anonymously to each image and eventually I hope there will build a collection of the stories we each tell. A collective yet individual response to the art from differing points of view.

I fully appreciate that there are many, many images here and that it may take quite a few visits to fully embrace. I do still have a few to add and there will be marked non numbered but with a letter instead (save mixing up the image numbers or knocking them off synch).

I invite you to look at your pleasure as each moment here is a moments break from the outer world and the news.

In the next while the collection will become dispersed among the other pages of my website as I am slowly building it. But the images most referenced and annotated with your personal stories will also remain here as a reminder of our unique and equally connected experiences.


“Interactive energising flow between us and the universe. Ever changing and evolving sometimes ethereal and sometimes raging mostly enveloping comforting to calm the storm inside and soothe the pain within”


“The fairies have had so much space with Covid that there has been plenty time to play freely and explore a more silent world”

“It is upcoming celebrations in fairyland and everyone is excited, well all but one who is off in the huff feeling left out. They were told off for throwing mushroom balls at the others whilst they were trying to work.”

“The human reached for the edible mushroom unable to see the invisible fairies not knowing his impact and how upset and alarmed it made them feel.“

“We don’t always see what is in front of us, much obscured by the eye”

“Magic everywhere, mystery abound. Did you hear about the fairies upon mushroom mound?”

“Engulfed and swallowed in an overwhelming weight of hopelessness”


“As they grappled with their starvation they scoured the edges of the human pavements for any sign of scraps that would at least fill their belly for the night”.

“Memories flew to times past when humans lived the streets, but now those times are long past. The civil wars erupted one human life was obliterated, the new ones born of genetic modification at that time are the only ones alongside the cockroaches whom survived as they were small enough to reside deep underground. The land still has the scars of radiation so time spent out is limited and for essential need of sourcing any necessaries”

“Hollywood wanted to design a new version of the borrowers”

“The Outlaws were forced to live underground only appearing at dusk for much needed fresh air”

“The dolls are discarded at the side of the road as if they never meant anything, old, worn, faceless and tattered“

“Drowning and emerging clinging to the slightest thread of genetic contact losing the will to stay connected and drift away in to the unknown abyss”


“If you keep an eye out I will try to untie her’

“She is our pet and needs to be tamed, pat her head and hope she calms down – come on shh it is ok”

“Mission Impossible!”

“Do you think we can save her? What are the risks. We know she did wrong but I am afraid of her fate”.

“Eve, you know what you did, I will try to lift the poison from inside but
I can not promise to save you. Rose is here to step in in case it becomes overpowering”

“Holding on hunkering down watching reaching out hoping to connect inspite of the fear… surrounded by darkness and unknown unseen predators pretending to be there for you but slowly killing my joie de vivre”


“A need for togetherness, hope and praying for the days that there can be reconnection”.

“Grief is painful, we pray for return or for safe crossing. For our love. We also long much for their return and find ourselves reaching for those we love the most.”

“The conjoining of magic brings wonders, its the tiny people who are praying and making the magic for us, the next time you are in the woods see if you can find them or hints of them, they are around”

“In times of darkness we reach out, in the mystical lands there is hope”


“Help can come from anywhere or anyone, we shouldn’t need to be desperate and crawling before we feel we can reach out and be helped.”

“Please, please I have been travelling for miles and I am exhausted may I join you on your horse?”

“Despair and exhaustion this is how Covid makes me feel.”

“This looks like my ME, I get so exhausted it is like wading through thickness and sometimes i get so weak I just need picked up. But reaching out feels hard”

“Emerging renewal metamorphosis regrowing from the Earth hope springs eternal new day new start hope the nature of basic life is beautiful God gave us this amazingly resilient planet and body to give us hope and spend free time in free space breathing free air breathing and just being mindful of this precious moment in time before we are gone”

“Even in the gleam of heaven and sunlight we can become tired and weary, sometimes we need a friend to be our companion. Not everything should be on our own shoulders, we are a sociable species and need others along the way.”

“This reminds me of a time in my life when love was lost and I was struggling to find my way back to them, You know if there is enough love and potential for laughter all is healable. We worked it out and found each other again thankfully.”

“I’m so thirsty please stop”


“When we visit spaces unknown to us we can feel alienated, walking on strange land. Nothing makes sense anymore! “

“Lost in space”

“This reminds me of a 70s album cover for David Bowie or someone like that. Appreciated the memory.”

“We hold many things in the palm of our hands and often don’t realise. Sometimes things may not make sense b it the choices are always ours, it is up to us to see and chose”

“Held in the grip of an unseen monster affecting every part of my being trapped by the self inflicted cage..taunting me needling me my inner me just holding it together. Wanting to bust out from this bubble of being in the waiting room of death and grab what is left of this whatever this is..life A sentient being with more than just eat sleep repeat needs..lost in a time warp of ..what! It used to be so clear now so broken and fragmented a waste of energy thats me”

“Please we are trapped. There are many multiverses and dimensions that we are n OT aware of distracted by our phones, anxieties, toys, dramas and we are all feeling trapped within this. How freeing it would be to see and know what is beyond our three dimensional awareness/“

“The horror in this is quite stark, somehow contrasted worlds living within a paradigm of time space and proportion. Do we see all that exists?”

“Ground control to Major Tom”


“I keep scratching clawing to find my way up to the light.. to the joy I used to know in my children..before it all collapses in and I drown. In the slag heap of slurry like the children of Wales Aberfan..21 October 1966 they knew the Coal Board the people as they do now but we need to all care and share and build or we will all slde into the abyss the black hole of hopelessness”

“Feeling like there is too much to do and not enough times to do it in, not enough hands and all I do is spend my time picking up broken toys”

“The monster within and below. Lurking”

“This reminds me of how in times long past this has depicted societies sense of mental health. It is and was a disturbing portrayal of ordinary human beings whom were just like you or I but struggling to contain or hide their natural way of being and seeing the world. A lot has to be said for old vwestern psychiatry and how people came to be depicted. In other cultures different forms of what we may call psychiatric disorders anew revered and viewed as divine or special powers. People in other cultures (not all but some) are treated with respect and there differences honoured. Then we find in the biggest or most powerful societies that there is much shame attached and projected onto people. Definitions made that mean they need to be contained ‘detained’ and subdued rather than exploring the world through metaphor and hidden meaning (if not in danger of causing harm to self or others of course)”

“The carnival of lies”


“Blindly led into our destinies, as one without awareness”

“The celebrations have begun, everyone marches towards the party”

“A sense of being led into blind wars”

“We are but clones”

“The mass clone mine workers making their way into the dark, their everyday job even though it was making them blind”


“Representing that connection we usually have to each other, feeling like we are sinking in to a mire without it at the moment, although we are still reaching for each other not quiet connecting the way we did.”

“Such relief in touch, such healing in physical connection”

“The day we reconnected from hell”

“Ashley was a secret agent. She had been kidnapped and finally they found her and lifted her out from the depths”


“The freedom of change, each season ever shifting from one to the next. A pagan celebration in its most artful and delicate form“

“Becoming engulfed in the weight of the world as everything changes”

“As Alice danced her way into autumn, much awaited her. She knew not what nor when nor even that it was happening. She just danced in the moment enjoying the hue of life around her in the moment”


“Stories and faces of times past, forgotten and rusty, but still there. Forgotten but present. Never having gone anywhere, the past in the present”

“Having lost my sense of soul to the media I feel burnt out and don’t know who to trust or believe anymore. This one claiming that, the other claiming this. It is exhausting”


“Eternally lost swallowed whole by all that surrounds her, somehow she still healed hope or ideas of hope and rescue but this wasn’t likely”

“For the magic he reached believing in the power of grace“

“Larry was lost, the orienteering instructions didn’t make sense and he lost his whistle so he just lay there hoping someone would come. Writing notes in the sunlight with his fingers”

“Never lose faith even when you feel over come and it is dark, there is always hope”


“The clamouring. So many hands (globally abs locally, metaphorical and real) reaching out for help, attention, recognition or just a piece of you. It’s hard to ignore any of them but they constantly claw, suffocate and dim your light. You feel like you are drowning but the more you try to swim to the surface for breath, the more they startle and grab; dragging you down, keeping you there – not seeming to realise or care that, in doing so, you are suffocating and, once drained and dead, you won’t be any use to them at all.”


“The year is 2158, the land is different. We are able to warp in and our of time loops in the form of small black holes. Children are present less and destitute trying to survive surrounded by AI surveillance”

“I see desperation, lack of care. Lostness in a confusing world that doesn’t make sense. Much begging and attempts to live side by side but those that are without awareness just will not see”

“We hold whole worlds in our hands, unaware of our effect. The slightest action can affect other lives across the vast reaches of the universe. Quantum Entanglement”

“Worlds within worlds within worlds”


“And merrily the ghosts danced upon the earth, tracing places they had once visited”

“Exiled maidens forced to hold peaceful protest to the patriarchal cast iron world“

“Memories of pagan rituals in the quiet spaces, dancing for gratitude, Mother Earth, for all that we need. Respecting all that is in delicacy of movement”

“Joy, rejoicing, dancing, celebrating”


“The upside down, like in Stranger Things”

“As I stare at the reflection below i recognise that some parts of me are not real and they begin to melt away. What will be left?”

“Below the water there lies clarity”

“Visions into another world, like Alice through the looking glass”

“Reality is a dream“


“As she lay there he tried to reach down and reclaim her life fearing it was perhaps too late. But there was something worth reaching for, he had never forgotten her life and presence”

“After the battle the men whom had survived wished to take the bodies home to the families for proper burial, respect and honour”

“I see a part of myself that has been forgotten, left to die on the forest floor of my soul, now it is time to pick this part of me up and offer some care perhaps it has something to teach me?”


“The eternal, celestial mother”

“Mother Earth as she passes by in her human form, non distinct but magical”


“Swimming up from the depths of my depression where I have been trapped”

“A fresh dip in the cold sea, nothing like it to wake you up”

“Fighting her way up, reclaiming her breath. Pushing, flexing, striving for relief”


“The mermaid sunk into the smooth sand feeling the warmth of the summer sun on her body. Loving the playfulness of her life under the ocean”

“Drowning in bubbles of gas trapped and pushed under”


“Liberation, ability to frolic in cool and warm spaces. Outside in the fresh air jumping for joy”


“Chloe always loved spending her time playing in the Kelpie area, she felt so secure knowing they were there. Protectors of the sea”

“Flowing, movement, joy non-stagnant”


“Memories of the times when I could enjoy the pool, where I could swim and play”

“Many of us all have our part in the grand ocean of life, it takes different people with different ideas and customs to widen awareness”


“Rising from Covid. Feeling the outside wondering if it is safe to leave our burrows”

“In the forests they live, the little beings. All magic and of the earth, we walk by to busy to see but they are there and to the trained eye traces exist”

Themed collection A:

If only we could see into our selves what might we find? The parts of the brain made visible here are connected with sensory perception and memory processing. Who / what are we really?


“Oh wow, looking inside at what we don’t see about ourselves.
All of us no one different. This is really weird to think this is us. These are parts I don’t see when i look in the mirror and it’s not something I think about when I look at other people. So so weird but real”

“As I looked deeper I began to see the truth, the ugliness but the reality of what was inside. Things aren’t pretty not really we just choose “oriswto like the pretty things but the real stuff isn’t pretty,. It is just what it is. I used the word ugly but I think I meant unpolished. Not tidied up just real”


“Man, that spoiled the joy of flesh now I know what I’m actually looking at, changes life


“She dreamt of a better world”

“He spent most of his time in deep thought”

“Dreaming of love, a love so pure it was written in the universe and woven gently together by the threads of all that is life”

“The power within our thoughts to create love”

“Deep love”

“Her story was one of fate”


“He spent his days writing to his love, after she died nothing was the same but he could always write to her and hope somewhere she could hear his words”


“Connecting with your beloved in the old most romantic ways, touching right into the heart and soul”


“Rose knew something about the earth that others couldn’t even touch. She knew her heart and all the beauty that surrounded her as she told her stories to the plants and the wind”

“The deepest love that there can be, knowing oneself and being at peace in that space”

“She always remembered her dreams and kept a diary, it told of beautiful lands with sunlight of the most gentle hues”

“She knew”


“Summer days are never forgotten”

“Dreams of a future or past”

“Love it its purest form, searching for it’s home”

“The beauty of summer memories”

“Searching, knowing, feeling”


“Her dreams were to be but she couldn’t see it yet”

“Spiritual connection to all that is”

“Time was going to be kind to her, it was written in fate”

“Hope arousing in the energy that surrounded all that she was”

“She knew her heart”

“Full of dreams and potential, soft, gentle loving potential”


“The broken heart”

“This makes me think of times I have struggled with my mental health, when I have felt lost and broken inside yet somehow it looks beautiful”

“A moment lost in time, her heart was breaking and there seemed no resolve”

“Her dreams gone, in an instant but somewhere in the grief there was hope and possibility”

“The ache of grief so deeply captured“


“Wonder called her into the wood, something beyond imaginable speaking her name beckoning her towards her future”

“When she discovered the secrets of life“

“Facing heaven”

“The glory of the future awaited”

“Looking deep, right into her soul she was led towards the true warmsth of her heart yet undiscovered”

“Finding fairy’s”


“She tells stories of far away lands where there are princesses and magic“

“She knows her own power”

“He was young but wanted to fight, fight for his freedom, his life, his family. Honour is what mattered most and proving himself, he was strong and believed in himself even if others didn’t. He was going to make a difference”

“She looked in the mirror and all she could see was the rage. Rage built up for years trapping her in a sort of limbo”

“Su wanted to be like the other girls but didn’t feel the same. Didn’t like what she was being asked to do just for the sake of likes and making money that way felt wrong but she knew it was expected of her”


“His mind was full of memories some dark, some current but he stood strong”

“Young and full of dreams of becoming a musician, hoping to find his way out of a life trapped”

“Her strength was undeniable, grown in urban life, lost in the crowds of millions she stood out if you looked her straight in the face”

“She knew her path”

“There was no question she knew what she wanted and she was going to get it!”


“Caught shocked, not ready for the news. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her mind aghast she grappled with herself”

“Full of pain and disbelief there was a story to tell but no-one to hear it”

“He was so young, so fresh to the city. Full of nervousness looking for the man of his dreams in a space so big he felt like such a tiny fish. How was this going o be? How caring the right one. Bars everywhere stretched as far as the eye could see. Scared he stepped forward”

“They dreamed in a moment of procrastination”


“Fed up and disinterested with life she dreamed of the day that she could leave and change her situation”

“Disenchanted with life she grew weary of people“

“She longed for more in a dark world”

“43 and they felt their life was done”


“Her mind kept pulling back into memories of love and hope”

“Having lost the life she knew to war her heart torn she knew she had to start again. A new country. Trusting people, that was hard. Her home and her workplace savaged by people who felt they were right and the other wrong. How could she possibly start all over and find hope again? Nothing filled the ache in her heart”

“Her anger raged”

“She felt the love in her heart so strong”


“Modelling was her game, she knew it well but to the countless photographers and staff she was nothing but a client number. This pose, that. Endlessly for hours. She was tired but most of all hungry”

“The lilac beauty they called her. She was a myth, the ideals of hearts”

“The faerie was hunting for the special blend of magical potion that would heal all ailments. Her sadness with the pandemic was overwhelming her heart. All she wanted was to make it go away and heal the sick”


“This reminds me of my mum, she loved peacocks. (Happy Mother’s Day, wherever you are, when it comes F)

“The majesty and beauty called to us for transformation and hope”

“In Dreams”

Themed collection B:

Experiencing the spirit, the energy of the divine. Quantum Science supports omnipresence. What if each movement made exists in every moment we are aware. Would the world we see look the same? Science tells us that we are mostly space with particles of light and matter but is this what our eyes tell us. How do we demonstrate or capture a sensory or beyond sensory experience? These images were formed from working with the energy that is our being, through breath and movement. In this section I used a photography technique which involves the bulb setting on the camera and random flashes to capture movements in one image to create the sense of omnipresence. Enhanced with photoshop to soften the light and energetic feel. A couple are composites. What if we offered up our rawest experiences? How would that look?


“This is reminding me of what stories lie within my soul, stories yet untold. Deep”

“The handing over to Allah to protect us and create love around the world

The offering of heart and soul to something bigger than self”

“Speaking with god is how I feel when I talk to him”

“Conversations with myself”

“Divine Hindu gods in a western heart, beautiful”

“The quiet unspokenness of life, secret personal moments”

“Disturbing but beautiful”

“Capturing sacred moments”

“Wow this is emotion in essence”


“Beautifully she waited as her dreams fell into her lap. The magic ballet girl”

“In the forest there shon a most beautiful light, touching the souls of all whom resided”

“The magic of dreams”


“Speak your voice, feel your soul”


“The energetic moment of Black Lives Matter, unity in action”

“A dream within a dream”

“A deep soul wisdom”


“One fairie is lost and the other doesn’t care”

“Surfing the fields of life”

“Joy and playfulness on a warm summer’s day”


“The magic of Christmas held within our little people’s hearts”

“The playful Christmas fairy tribe, helping elf on the shelf”

“Sassy Christmas love”


“Woven into the fabric of life, either nurturing ourselves in the silk of the everyday or waking up and feeling ready to explore something new today”


“The softness of gentle femininity”

“Migraine vs no migraine”

“The silk of life”

“Emerging from the womb“

“Yin and Yang”


“Lost in spaces between”

“An arrival from the past, an apparition?”

“Faced with multiple layers of uncertainty feeling blinded by the unknown that lies ahead”

“The seer”

“Seeing beyond”

Themed collection C:

Our face is our mask who are we once the readable aspects are removed?

“Many parts of many faces but no ability to read the emotion, makes the imagination work hard”

“This is how I feel, I have Autism and I can’t always tell how people feel or what they mean, how do we know who people really are? It’s hard to know good people and people who are mean or want to hurt”

“This makes me think of my grandpapa, he has dementia and sometimes he only has parts of memories and doesn’t recognise us anymore, I wonder if this is how he sees the world? It makes me feel confused and like, you know, pieces? Memories fading into the unrecognisable. Do you know what I mean?”

“This makes feel weird just looking at it,I don’t like the feeling. I like to get a sense of people and this is really throwing me off”


“Wandering around in the lost lands of grief, searching”

“Feeling lost and uncertain, lonely and unable to move out of my own anxiety about it”

“A princess following a balloon to find her dreams”

“The unknown”


“The goddess of spring wanders spreading her warmth and love upon the earth”

“The princess basked in the warm cherry blossom sun anticipating her future dreams and wishes, she did not wish to marry like her family hoped but she did long for adventure and exploration”


“And at night she practiced her spells, in the moonlight she knew no one was watching and felt safe to really try”

“Ze was so magical she threw everything ze had into healing global warming.

“At night he felt most comfortable to wear his best ballgown without judgement, He hadn’t yet dared to buy the elbow length gloves but this was definitely on the cards”””


“Her power was just beautiful, she just stood in the snow mere seconds then disappeared as if she was never there”


“Snowdrop, like a precious translucent flower knew her strength, she looked upon the earth with wonder”

“Exhiled she lay upon the cold frost unsure of what to do next”


“The master practiced stillness, holding his point as peacefully as he could”

“Meditation is key”


“The earth maiden hidden from sight casts her spells upon the morning grass to gift us with dew”

“Alice lost on her way home from her prom realised she had drunk too much punch and had shrunk””

Themed collection D

Moments of connection and the everlasting connectedness in our woven life (lives) story. Family, friendship or romance.

“Deep love and friendship ties”

“The treads that connect people”

“We need love, affection and the chemicals that bind us in order to feel healthy and survive”

“Real deep love, not the insecure clingy kind, is so soul beneficial. If we work together we can grow together but remain our independent selves. Supporting the best in each other”

“What’s that song again? Love can build a bridge!”

“Love comes in all shapes and forms there shouldn’t be any discrimination”

“True love can never be forgotten it lives in the very depths of us, this kind of love should be should be treasured and cared for with the utmost attention, else it will become adrift and that is painful””

“May we know friendship, comradery and the then the loves in our heart”

“To feel the embrace of our sweetheart is something always special, we need to respect each other and keep that connection alive”

“When this Covid is over there is nothing I will love more than cuddling and embracing the people I love most, I hope it is still the same for them though, I worry”

“The invisible threads that bind us”


“We are all caught in our own prisons of the mind, each in our own trap not fully seeing each other, if we could only see”

“Scenes from a horror movie”

“Eerie moments trapped in time, moments from different people’s lives”

Themed collection E:

A question I frequently visit, where is the map of our existence? Where is the evidence of our individual story? Where is it held?

“Exactly, where can we find the evidence of our lives except in half memories and photographs?“

“This is such a big question, I don’t know where to begin. Good luck”

“Is it in the way we make people feel?”

“My god I never thought of this question before. Now I’m thinking and feeling “

“What would our story be if we could see it? Would other people recognise it? how would we see theirs?”

“This reminds me of the Black Box episode on Netflix where the guy runs through his memories back and back again”


“Stopping to smell the sunshine as it meets the garden, eternal beauty”

“Alice in wonderland”

“The sunflowers of heaven reach into our soul”

“Mother earth as wind”


“The LGBT community unable to express their needs, suppressed by extreme voices and struggling to just be recognised as human. Extreme voices come from all places even within the community itself, never mind people who don’t understand or are afraid”

“Section 28”

“Everyone being tarred with the same brush”

“Banished, shamed”

“Abused for who we love. Love is love regardless. Surely love is important. I think people look at it from perspectives they can’t or don’t want to picture but I’m not picturing you like that”

“Time passed with such shame upon their heads, people only thinking about that which happens in beds. But love isn’t about that there is more than has been ever said, lets stop this hate just stop it dead.”

“Still today people live with the scars”

“Dehumanised, sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!”

Themed Connection F:

In our rawest vulnerability what binds or fears us? What do we feel? How do we behave in these states?

“Desperate, she tried to live but found she was voiceless held down by the demons of her mind”

“This is like the inner realms of my mind when I try to sleep”

“The entrapment of poverty, ever enslaved and held down a stigma that attaches to us like dirt but its not dirt of our making the dirt (shame) belongs to those holding us down, treating us like filth when the system is designed to keep us there”

“A soul entrapped, healed against their will begging for mercy and release”

“A person voiceless against their circumstances, doing their best but almost forgotten”

“I have met this”

“Raw indeed. I’m scared of my vulnerability and powerlessness and equally I’m scared of my power”

“Sometimes I ask myself am I the victim or the persecutor. Other times I wonder if I am the observer letting it just happen. All positions make me feel uncomfortable”

Themed Collection G:

Each of us have our own religious stories, whether these be innate, told to us or adapted through life experience. Each story may come from differing backgrounds, differing stories we were once told but essentially whatever the meaning or feeling the message is the same and deeply human. Our wish for salvation, to feel accepted, safe and happy. To feel protected, whatever image arises for you the next persons will be from the same place. Perhaps with similar meaning and perhaps not but in our human vulnerability there appears to be a collective story of need. What do your angels look like?


“These are beautiful and you are right each of our symbolisms are different, even in the original bible angels had a very different form. Heads of animals and many heads, probably sounding a bit scary but its just interesting to know. I thin

“My angels probably look a bit more demonic than yours, animal heads and different body parts but they mean the same things, power, love and protection“

Playful angels, I like these ones. Gives me a sense of merry moments in my youth and watching the youth around me”

“Even though everyone’s symbolisms are different across the world I think they all embody the same essence, mercy, reprieve, hope, universal love, playfulness, help, appearing when most needed etc. Wonderful”

“Respecting and understanding the exhaustion burden upon the human race. However they look to each culture and religion spirituality”


“Cannot see the wood for the trees, face in phone. I worry about this generation”

“Lost in the woods”

“Chelsea was sick of time up at the cabin she would do anything to get a signal”

“Natural disconnection”


“Oh the wonderful days of youth, such flexibility and play. How I miss these days”

“The right way round. How do we know what is right and what is wrong when the rules have been made up by other people’s ideas, more so people no longer here?”

“To play, I wish I could stop being an adult and just play again”


“As the lights lowered Hattie got ready to sing her best debut yet”

“She needed her time, alone time in the dark. It is where she listened to herself best and played freely with her imagination”

“There is nothing like the magic of the stage, the spotlight war on your skin. No feeling like it”


“The empress was curious about the light, all she had ever known was darkness. Born to the universe in its deepest crevices light was a scarcity unfamiliar but it lured her in”

“Each important date we light our candles for our loved ones, it is a way of keeping their memory alive”

Themed collection H:

The inner experience arising from our physical senses spoken to us and translated by our minds. Held within this sense of body and mind. An introduction to a later series. ]


“I have a long term condition and this is exactly how the pain feels in my body it is horrible”

“Oh how terrible anyone feels this”

“Sciatica is the worst, yes like a lightening strike”

“My body aches all of the time and it is pure exhausting. These images really show what that is like. I get no break and people struggle to understand”

Themed collection ‘I’

Who am I? Who are you? our eyes and internal stories shape our perception. In this collection I explore the issue of genetic ancestry and how it shapes the features we and others perceive. I ask is what you perceive in your everyday true?


At the end of the day we are all affected by differing visual parts of our identity in our human lives. Things we cannot choose in life, each affected in many different ways and since our feelings and identities are subjective this is very personal to our life stories. How we feel about ourselves counts and this is a shared human experience. Many feel the need to alter their look to deny some very natural intrinsic parts of ourselves to feel that we are acceptable to others and it’s constant battle with messages given in magazines, media and attitudes of society. Mostly living with a sense that we, our very natural being is unacceptable.


Again this is on the same theme, how we look with all of our ancestral differences in a more integrated society. Here you will see exaggerated features highlighting the the differing shapes, hair, eye types, face shapes, skin, age, lips etc. Playing on sight perception. What I found is that we see these faces everyday but we don’t see the different features that have originated from different ancestral paths. Ancestrally we are all arising from different roots. To discriminate on the basis of race is fundamentally mistaken. The varying features here are more prominent, highlighting who each of us may be according to our genetic evolution, the history that makes us who we are and gives us our unique appearance. This idea of separate races in our global world is a made up social construct by someone with a sense of power and authority a long long time ago but equally as a consequence of that this sense has evolved into our sense of individual identity and fully experienced based on how our ancestors have been perceived or treated. This this continues to create and draw out sense of division today. Cultural identities, personal identities, privileges afforded, societal attitudes have all grown into shilohs and are keeping us apart from each other. Not in anyway taking away from the experiences and feelings of so many. Underneath these stories of ourselves is a wider story that can be hard to see because we are afflicted by what we have been told, have experienced, what our eyes see and how influences and attitudes affect perception.

Below I reduce the exaggerations of the images above and help our eyes adjust to see what we see each day, something that turns out to be a completely usual encounter. But if you look both forward and backward at the facial progressions you can see how our mind creates unsubstantiated myths that we take to be solid truths. It’s not about the melanin levels in our skin, it’s about the varying ancestral elements that make each of us into how we appear to each other daily. Why then do we discriminate? What is that about? What are the stories that arise within you about this?

“MY ! I have never thought of it like this before. MY ! Unbelievable how did I not see. We are all made up of mixed genetics. How dare anyone talk about different races! I kind of feel enraged now understanding this, how could I not see? How could others not see? We are one mixed human race from many lines of ancestors. How dare anyone define by colour? I never noticed the faces passing by i just didn’t look long enough but even if I did would i have seen? I’m just shocked”

“No way”

“OMGeeee. Same faces different skin tones, same backward and forward how ignorant do I feel”

“This has shocked me, I’ve no words. Man!”

“How are we so blind, such hurt and pain and no actual reason other that some people’s ego 😱😱😱😱😱😱 . I feel sick but not for my behaviour”

“Did not see that coming. I feel speechless. What a crescendo, word!”