Openness ©️ Oil on 3mm MDF. This piece now has it’s forever home 🙏

Stacie Amelia. Copyright, All rights reserved 2006-2020 ©

This page will feature aspects of dimension such as creative works around space, time, spirituality and things that are beyond our awareness as well as featuring works of sculpture.


This piece was made whilst processing the grief of the loss of my dear sister. I have no idea if there exists a heaven. There is a point where we cumulatively come into being so there is a sense that there must be a point in space and time, where all that we have been in the eyes of others and the felt sense of ‘ourselves’, deconstructs back into the revere from which we arrived.

This piece represents the idea of this process.
An honouring of all that was her life and her legacy in transformation.

This piece has it’s long term home.


2009, Held ~ Terracotta Air Drying Clay
2009 Heart’s Intention ~ Terracotta Air Drying Clay

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