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Ethereal Dream

The first is a piece of intuitive art that spontaneously arose during some time I was working with some difficult emotion. This particular piece was exhibited in 2019 but in a bizarre twist of fate it was incomplete. I had very short notice to produce a piece and I had just painted this. The last image is the completed painting, it is 1.5m x 1m on canvas.

Ethereal Dream ©️

Coming Into Whole Heartedness


Breathing Again

Breathing ©️ This piece arose spontaneously in a time of much calmness and contentment. Still some mild alterations to do but I enjoyed the time with this piece.

Opening Up

Opening ©️

Into Hope


This piece was painted in early 2015 and represented feelings of disillusionment and grief in heartbreak both for a recent heart loss and for learning that I had multiple sclerosis and believing the two situations were inter linked. It was an intuitive painting and was not planned. Each stage of the process of bringing the painting into being in its own way represented the different stages of emotion I was working through at the time. The final painting just capturing the essential sadness of it all. It formed part of my Growing Older Exhibition representing the learning, growing and changing process of life.
Finished piece from the video above. This piece has now gone and has it’s long term home. 1m x 1m Acrylic on canvas.

A small collection of some of my older digital and mixed media artwork that are exploring various different aspects of emotion.

Further, more current work, will be exhibited online Nov/Dec 2020, see the Digital Story Telling page for further information.