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The artworks on this page explore differing aspects of emotion. Some pieces are finished and others are in progress.

Ethereal Dream

The first is a piece of intuitive art that spontaneously arose during some time I was working with some difficult emotion. This particular piece was exhibited in 2019 but in a bizarre twist of fate it was incomplete. I had very short notice to produce a piece and I had just painted this. The last image is the completed painting, it is 1.5m x 1m on canvas.

Ethereal Dream ©️ A painting that spontaneously arose as if in dream, I was working with transforming difficult emotion and it began as an intuitive piece. I had no idea how it would be.


Male, female, non binary or other, no matter your relationship you are equally as loveable and worthy as all.
We are human and love is love.


Mixed media on canvas 130cm x 90cm, Cathartic expression of Grief. Finishing a long chapter of of a lifetime to date. Both Heart wrenching pain giving rise to something that feels more beautiful. Capturing the feeling in the moment. The end of many chapters in an old book, now as peacefully as possible, still some processing to work through but laying to see rest all of the old stories.


This oil painting on MDF still in process has it’s own significance based in mindful awareness. Like the bee I wish to be more gentle in my way in the world. However paradoxically this is bringing up the human protective instinct. Although I wish to be gentle I also wish to be as such with deep wisdom. Gentleness and kindness do not mean giving space for people to do as they please according to their needs and wishes without regard beyond themselves. There is a reciprocity required. It’s a delicate balance. I’m learning and needing to deeply apply that wisdom. I am not there yet, I give room all too often for unacceptable behaviour that is harmful which in turn can give rise to actions of my own. This isn’t fruitful, joyful symbiotic living and it isn’t my heart nature at all. It leaves a sense of disturbance. I have to learn how to ease, unfurl in a safe and wise way. Loving care to the soul. The painting signifies the wish to shift into a wider more gentle and symbiotic way of being within my heart, actions accompanied by wisdom. Like the bee and the flower both in harmony with their true nature and functioning, neither affecting the other just ‘being’ together symbiotically and harmoniously. Letting ‘bee’ what is, existing between any form of meaning making or self identification. This is where things truly are, harmoniously, in the space between words or senses. The philosopher Rumi had it right “ Beyond all ideas of wrongdoing and right there is a field, let’s meet there”. Between is where the harmony is found. Anyway that is the motivation that gave rise to this painting. Opening up to the gentleness beneath the human shell in a more natural, symbiotic, harmonious way.

Breathing Again

Breathing ©️ This piece arose spontaneously in a time of much calmness and contentment. Still some mild alterations to do but I enjoyed the time with this piece, still unfinished will tidy up and upload the finished painting. Acrylic on MDF A2.

Opening Up

Opening ©️ Acrylic on canvas A3.
Arising emotion, an offering and a receiving process. Giving over to all that is.

Into Hope

SOLD. This piece is a representation of time and shifting inner emotional states. Initially this was painted in 2012. It represented times past where I found an internal vastness with deep sadness. This year in April the painting transformed. After years of planting heart seeds they had given rise to a brighter inner landscape. Filled with nourishment and full with hope and light. It is finished for now but I’m sure with time this will be a piece that continues to transform. Acrylic on Canvas A2


SOLD. 1m x 1m Acrylic on canvas. This piece was painted in early 2015 and represented feelings of disillusionment and grief in heartbreak both for a recent heart loss and for learning that I had multiple sclerosis and believing the two situations were inter linked. It was an intuitive painting and was not planned. Each stage of the process of bringing the painting into being in its own way represented the different stages of emotion I was working through at the time. The final painting just capturing the essential sadness of it all. It formed part of my Growing Older Exhibition representing the learning, growing and changing process of life.