Halloween Themed Excerpt ~ An Introduction To My New Exhibition At The Beginning Of 2021

I have offered an interactive introduction to ‘The Stories We Tell’ exhibition which will launch in January. A special introduction that highlights 16 spooky images specifically for Halloween. Each image holds within it a story, since we each perceive things differently based on our own experience and senses I would like you to tell the … Continue reading Halloween Themed Excerpt ~ An Introduction To My New Exhibition At The Beginning Of 2021


Finally a breakthrough 🤲 After five years of not connecting with music properly something has truly shifted. Music was always a go to within, a place to feel and find voice for the inner world. Since diagnosis of MS in 2015 I had always thought that this loss of interest or connection to music was … Continue reading Music

Am I?

Another wonderful poem by Paul Cannon! Very much exploring similar questions as myself in the form of poetry. This is all Paul's work I just had to share, I hope you enjoy, you will find the weblink below. Am I?

Am I just a shade,
a phantasmic abstraction
beyond punctuated reality,
projected on cracked walls,
incorporeal spaces ever shifting
as rising … Continue reading Am I?

Our Map?

There has been so much that has occurred since the end of last year that has deeply and profoundly affected my heart and being. I don’t want to get into detail for now but it has me thinking about our lives and when we are no longer here. Where is the evidence of our story? … Continue reading Our Map?


I often reflect on the moment in Alice in Wonderland when the caterpillar asks 'who are you?'  It is such a big question. Her reply is "well I'm not sure, I'm not myself you see, I'm not the same person I was when I woke up this morning!" and " How puzzling all these changes are! … Continue reading Identity


~by Danna Faulds ~ There is no controlling life. Try corralling a lightning bolt or containing a tornado. Dam a stream and it will create a new channel. Resist, and the tide will sweep you off your feet. Allow, and grace will carry you to higher ground. The only safety lies in letting it all … Continue reading Allow