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Monday’s and Fridays 12:30-4pm

I am working in partnership with the NHS to host a community art studio.

The aim is to help people find the space to explore, express themselves and grow both interpersonally and creatively.

The studio has been in operation for 3 years now and initially began in partnership with the Stove and CreativeFutures though for practical reasons we relocated to North West Resource Centre and currently throughout the pandemic we have and do exist ‘virtually’ online.

This is a working studio where both myself and another artist in residence create our own art work whilst being on hand for community members whom are creating theirs and may want to explore their own ideas to develop their creativity. ‘The Space…’ is also for holding space for attendees and whatever arises depending what may be going on for them in their everyday lives.

Sessions run twice a week Monday and Friday from 12:30-4pm. People can join in as feels most comfortable.

**Reminder: We are currently online due to Covid restrictions**

If you are curious, have an interest in art or are simply looking for a space to experiment with creative ideas (anything creative welcome) Two of us are on hand for any questions.